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Welcome to CalmPalm, your number one sleep store. We're dedicated to giving you the finest experience, with a focus on reliability, satisfaction and excellence.  

The Company was founded by our incredible CEO, Jon Halabi.

CalmPalm started as an idea after a conversation with a psychiatrist where Jon had his first experience with a device similar to the CalmPalm that helped him sleep and relax. After that chat, his psychiatrist told him most of his struggles could be fixed if he just had a good sleeping habit. After using the device for over a month, it helped his sleep dramatically and he knew everybody around the world needed one of these devices in the palm of their hands.

Jon, then, decided that he wanted to assist as many people as he could to have a better night's sleep by using a similar approach. After months and months of research, Jon was able to outsource the device (CalmPalm), to make it affordable and accessible for everybody to have one. He also grew his desire to support people who are suffering from mental health conditions like he suffered most of his life.

When Jon first started, he was one of the many people struggling with insomnia, anxiety, ADHD, and various other mental health conditions which unfortunately led him to a very tough life, and even being homeless for almost 12 years.

His passion for helping people within this area drove him to do intense research regarding why he was struggling so much to live a normal life. This gave him the impetus to turn his dedication, work and inspiration into an online store fully focused on helping people improve their sleep. We now serve customers worldwide and are thrilled to be the leading company in the sleeping assistance sector. 

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.




CalmPalm Team

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    To help people from all walks of life to have a better night’s sleep.


    With our business philosophy, relationships, products and services, WE will be a world-renowned brand in the sleeping sector, connected with those committed to building a better world through better relationships with themselves, the people around them, and nature itself. CalmPalm wants to see a world restored and healthy through a good night's sleep.


    - We are a company focused on those who struggle the most;

    - Giving back to the community;

    - We keep it simple. Always; 

    - If it benefits the customer, it benefits us; 

    - Ethics is non-negotiable; 

    - People are everything to us.

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