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As the following group has not been specifically tested and the side effects of this product have not been observed, it is not clear whether it is harmful to this specific group. Based on the safety of our customers, we would recommend:

1. Patients who use implanted electronic devices (such as pacemakers, insulin pumps) should use them with caution;

2. It is forbidden to use it with high-frequency equipment, short-wave or microwave processing equipment;

3. It is forbidden to use therapy electrodes near the chest, or use therapy electrodes when operating complicated and dangerous equipment or driving;

4. It is strictly prohibited to use in patients with epilepsy;

5. Patients with recent hemorrhagic stroke should use it with caution.

For safety reasons, we recommend not to use sleep devices in the following situations:

1. When driving;

2. When operating complex and dangerous mechanical instruments.

3. Avoid long time. Strong current will stimulate the same position;

4. If you find skin discomfort, you can rest for a few minutes, and then move the electrode slightly to continue the treatment.